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VIDEO: Now in Recovery, Devon Lives “A life beyond my wildest dreams”


WASHINGTON, DC – The Energy and Commerce Committee today released the third video from its “Personal Stories from the Opioid Crisis” video series.

The first video, published last week, highlighted participants from a recent roundtable discussion hearing directly from individuals who have felt the devastating effects of this epidemic. A few days later, viewers were introduced to Aimee Manzoni D’Arpino, a participant from the roundtable. Aimee shared the story of her son, Emmett, who lost his battle with substance use disorder in 2016.

Viewers of the third video in this series will meet Devon Hott, an individual currently in long-term recovery.

“It was a very vicious cycle. Every day of wanting to stop, not knowing how to stop, wanting to stop, not knowing how to stop. …I wanted to get help. I knew that I had a problem with addiction,” explained Devon.

Following her arrest after a second charge of driving under the influence (DUI), Devon said, “I knew that I was there for a reason and that I was given an opportunity basically to do something different with my life. Three and a half years later, I’m clean and sober.”

Today, Devon says she feels like she has a purpose and helps those struggling with addiction find the treatment plans that work for them. She calls it “a life beyond my wildest dreams.”

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