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Walden: “We have an opportunity to save lives.”


WASHINGTON, DC – This morning, the House Republican Conference held their weekly press conference with a special focus on patient stories.

Kicking off the House’s two-week push of advancing legislation to help combat the opioid crisis, House Republicans shared photos and personal stories of people across the country that have felt the grasp of this crisis.

Chairman Walden shares a photo of Amanda

Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR) shared the story of Amanda Gray. Just this past January, Amanda was seeking relief from the pain surrounding her mental illness and ended up dying from an overdose of fentanyl. Her father, Michael, bravely shared his family’s story with the committee, hoping that their loss would help spur Congress to modernize federal laws.

Chairman Walden reflected that sadly, Amanda’s story is not unique.

“All of us know someone – directly or indirectly – affected by this crisis,” said Chairman Walden. “Truly, it is the crisis next door.”

Stressing the urgency of Congress’ latest legislative push, Chairman Walden added, “We have an opportunity to save lives.”

To learn more about Energy and Commerce’s comprehensive efforts to combat the opioid crisis, click HERE.


Press Release