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What About Our Neighbors? President Obama Favors Brazil over North American Allies


Encourages Development of Brazilian Oil Reserves, Ignores Action on Canadian Oil Sands Pipeline

The President still doesn’t get it.  In the wake of political unrest in the Middle East and $100/barrel oil, the President has embraced Brazil’s ability to develop its own resources – yet he fails to do the same in North America. 

Much has been said about the irony of the President’s embrace of Brazilian offshore development while his administration continues to stand in the way of similar offshore resources in American waters. But it’s also worth noting that the President’s double-standard seems to favor Brazil over our northern neighbor and one of America’s closest world allies, Canada.

Canada remains America’s largest trading partner and largest supplier of oil imports. But not all imports are created equal. For every American dollar spent on products from Canada, including oil, 91 cents is returned to the American economy.

In addition, Canada is our dependable ally and has deployed six CF-18 Hornet jet fighters to help enforce the United Nations no-fly zone over Libya.

In his address to the CEO Business Summit in Brazil, the President pledged his support to the development of Brazilian oil reserves, telling them, “we want to be one of your best customers.” Meanwhile, the Obama administration continues to lock away North American oil supplies and delay the Canadian oil sands pipeline, a multi-billion dollar U.S. investment which will give the U.S. access to the second largest reserves in the world. 

To strengthen America’s energy security, we don’t have to look to the southern hemisphere. We could increase supplies, create jobs, and support our Canadian allies by quickly approving the Canadian oil sands pipeline linking Canadian oil fields to U.S. refineries. This administration can develop and strengthen North American resources or stand by and encourage other countries to fill the void.



Press Release