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Pallone Celebrates Pope Francis’ Call to Action on Climate Change

Jun 18, 2015
Press Release

“Climate change is a moral issue, and one that we cannot wait to address.  Pope Francis’ unequivocal call to action is inspiring and should be taken to heart.  We have a common responsibility to act to protect and more properly care for our unique and living planet.”

“This encyclical rightly recognizes that climate change is a problem that effects all of humanity and has environmental, social, economic, and political implications.  As the Pope has made abundantly clear, we owe it to ourselves and to future generations to act decisively to address this global threat. 

“Sadly, there are many here in Congress who will not accept this wisdom.  And the Pope highlighted the extreme costs of denial, especially when those who hold political or economic power are the ones intent on simply ‘masking the problems or concealing their symptoms’ for their own personal gain.

“Climate change is not a talking point.  It has far-reaching consequences that, ultimately, impact the most vulnerable members of society.  We all, as stewards of this planet, have an obligation to respond to his call to action and seriously address climate change now.”