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Pallone Floor Remarks in Support of the Budget Resolution Kick-starting Work on the Build Back Better Act

Aug 24, 2021
Press Release

Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ) delivered the following remarks on the House Floor today in support of passing the budget resolution that will allow congressional committees to begin work on the Build Back Better Act:

Madam Speaker, this budget resolution allows us to implement President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda to revitalize our economy by creating millions of good-paying jobs. And it allows us to aggressively combat the climate crisis.  

The Energy and Commerce Committee, with this budget resolution, our goal is to make health care more affordable and accessible for all Americans. We can help accomplish that by closing the Medicaid coverage gap to provide quality, comprehensive coverage to an estimated 4 million Americans who qualify for Medicaid but have been denied access to care in their state. We’ll also continue subsidies under the Affordable Care Act to reduce health insurance costs. 

And the Energy and Commerce Committee plans to lower the price of out-of-control and skyrocketing prescription drug prices by giving the federal government the ability to negotiate lower prices and we’ll use the savings to expand Medicare benefits. 

Our plan is to provide investments in our public health infrastructure to help us respond to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and better respond to future public health emergencies.

The Build Back Better Agenda will allow us to create millions of new, homegrown jobs and combat the climate crisis by aggressively investing in clean energy and clean technology. And the moment is here to invest in a more advanced and resilient economy and towards a 100 percent clean economy.   

Madam Speaker, I urge my colleagues to support this budget resolution that allows us to carry out President Biden’s bold vision and deliver on the Build Back Better Agenda for the people.  

Thank you, I yield back.