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Jun 9, 2015 Press Release

The witnesses invited by Ranking Member Pallone, who is an original co-sponsor of the bill, are listed below:

Jun 9, 2015 Press Release

“I welcome the court’s rejection of this premature legal challenge to EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan.  This is still just a proposal, and we must allow EPA finish its work.  When it does, I am confident that we will see that the rule is a reasonable, flexible approach to regulating greenhouse gas emissions that falls well within the boundaries of EPA’s legal authority.  Rather than continuing

Jun 5, 2015 Press Release

“The announcement that up to four million federal workers may have had their personal information stolen in this cyber breach represents the latest failure to protect American data against cyber threats. 

“There are now two types of Americans: those whose data has been subject to a breach, and those whose data will be breached in the future.

Jun 5, 2015 Press Release

Currently, only extended-release and long-acting opioids have prominently displayed warnings, known as “black box warnings,” that indicate the significant potential for abuse, overdose, addiction, and neonatal abstinence syndrome.  The Democratic Committee leaders asked that these same warnings be placed on immediate release opioids, which have the same risks and accounted for over 90% of the o

Jun 4, 2015 Press Release

“While the current draft indicates that the overall percentage of contamination cases may be small, it acknowledges there have been contamination events.  When it comes to the water we drink, every instance of contamination must be considered serious.

Jun 4, 2015 Press Release

“I am deeply troubled by the contamination incident at NIH.  We rely on NIH as our premiere medical research agency to conduct its work safely and effectively, and this episode raises concerns about whether proper protocols are in place to guarantee patient safety.  Our number one priority should be the health of the patients who may have received contaminated injections, and I am encouraged th

Jun 2, 2015 Press Release

While it is important to fully understand the cause of the Takata airbag failure, there are steps Congress can take immediately to enhance auto safety and oversight.  That should begin with the enactment of H.R.

May 21, 2015 Press Release

“Commissioner Rosenworcel has been a tireless and passionate public servant throughout her career.    Her deep understanding of the issues that Commission confronts has made her a valuable resource for the agency and for those of us in Congress.  I commend the President on an excellent nomination.”

May 20, 2015 Press Release

Last month, Yarmuth introduced the legislation which would require disclosure of the donors behind Super PACs and 501(c)(4) organizations that are flooding the nation’s airwaves with anonymous ads. 

May 19, 2015 Press Release

“After far too many deaths and injuries, Takata has finally admitted what we have been saying for months—that these airbags must be taken off the roads.  A supposed safety feature has become a safety hazard in nearly 34 million vehicles.  We are pleased that Takata and NHTSA have taken steps toward a national recall.  The factors that supposedly contribute to the deadly airbag deployments – hum