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HEARING: #SubCommTech to Review Broadband Infrastructure Bills


WASHINGTON, DC – The Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, chaired by Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), announced today a hearing for Tuesday, January 30, 2018, at 10:00 a.m. in room 2322 of the Rayburn House Office Building. The hearing is entitled, “Closing the Digital Divide: Broadband Infrastructure Solutions.”

After #SubCommTech members introduced legislation last week, the subcommittee will discuss a path forward for improving broadband infrastructure in rural America.

“Expanding broadband infrastructure to the approximately 23 million Americans who lack sufficient access is a top priority of this subcommittee....

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#SubCommTech Introduces Third Round of Broadband Infrastructure Bills


WASHINGTON, DC – Subcommittee on Communications and Technology Chairman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) announced a third series of bills introduced by #SubCommTech members on expanding broadband infrastructure in rural America. The bills aim to advance broadband deployment in disaster areas, as well as support innovation and remove obstacles to expansion.

H.R. 4832, “Restoring Economic Strength and Telecommunications Operations by Releasing Expected Dollars (RESTORED) Act,” sponsored by Representative Kevin Cramer (R-ND)

The bill would permit companies eligible for funds under the Universal Service Fund’s High-Cost program to elect up to...

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#SubCommTech Introduces Bills on Broadband Infrastructure and Innovation


WASHINGTON, DC – Subcommittee on Communications and Technology Chairman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) announced today that a second round of broadband infrastructure bills have been introduced by #SubCommTech members. The bills focus on supporting innovation and advancing broadband infrastructure in rural communities.

H.R. 4810, “Making Available Plans to Promote Investment in Next Generation Networks without Overbuilding and Waste (MAPPING NOW) Act,” sponsored by Representatives Bill Johnson (R-OH) and Brett Guthrie (R-KY)

The bill would direct the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information to conduct a National Broadband...

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Communications and Technology (115th Congress)


Communications and Technology (115th Congress)