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House passes bipartisan legislation paving the way for self-driving cars on America's roads


Cmte Leaders Probe LocationSmart, Third-Parties on Location Sharing Practices


WASHINGTON, DC – House Energy and Commerce Committee leaders today sent letters requesting information from location data aggregator LocationSmart and third-party services Securus Technologies and 3CInteractive regarding reports of misuse of personally identifiable consumer location information collected by wireless providers.

The letters come as recent media reports have indicated Securus Technologies may have impermissibly allowed U.S. law enforcement to request sensitive location information through LocationSmart, with 3CInteractive acting as an intermediary, for investigative or surveillance purposes. The use of such data for these purposes would have been in contravention...

Press Release

Letters to LocationSmart, Securus Technologies, and 3CInteractive Regarding Location Sharing Practices


Excerpt: “In the wake of the privacy scandals that surfaced earlier this year, we remain concerned about whether U.S. companies are properly incentivized to examine what sensitive personal information they hold about consumers and whether they are taking appropriate steps to protect that information on behalf of all Americans. The lack of clear notice to customers and affirmative opt-in consent from those customers before they received personally identifiable customer location information is troubling.”

Click here to read the letter to LocationSmart.

Click here to read the letter to Securus Technologies....


Digital Commerce and Consumer Protection


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