August 26, 2015 | Blog Post
More Than a Funding Boost, Experts in Washington and North Carolina Outline the Good Within H.R. 6, the 21st Century Cures Act
August 21, 2015 | Blog Post
How Social Media Helps Raise Awareness, Boost Funding for Rare Diseases
August 20, 2015 | Blog Post
After over a year of conversations and collaboration across the country, the House approved H.R. 6, the 21st Century Cures Act, last month. H.R. 6 was created with the help of thousands of peoples’ input to get better, faster cures and treatments to patients who need them most.
August 4, 2015 | Blog Post
An Inside Look Through the Lens of the Energy and Commerce Committee from July 2015
July 30, 2015 | Blog Post
Cures Stories and Support from Across the States The 21st Century Cures Act has grabbed attention across the nation, and rightfully so. No community is untouched by disease. Throughout the process, many patients, advocates, researchers, and health care organizations have continued to show support for the landmark legislation.  Check out the Cures chatter from all across the country:
July 23, 2015 | Blog Post
Speaker Boehner Video Spotlights #Cures2015