November 18, 2014 | ICYMI
Partnering for Cures Panel Discusses How to Overcome Obstacles in Health Field  
November 17, 2014 | ICYMI
Upton: “It’s about time that we change the process… and really move up to the 21st century…”
November 14, 2014 | ICYMI
On Title II Reclassification: “The end loser will be consumers. The Internet isn’t a utility, so we shouldn’t treat it as one”
November 7, 2014 | ICYMI
With America’s success in tapping into its vast natural gas deposits trapped in shale formations, our nation is awash with an abundance of natural gas.
November 3, 2014 | ICYMI
Upton: “The success of 21st Century Cures depends on the ideas and support from patients, researchers, and care givers all across the country.” 
November 3, 2014 | ICYMI
In a recent editorial, the Chicago Tribune argues it’s time to move beyond the political roadblocks and open Yucca Mountain, particularly in light of the release of NRC’s critical safety report confirming that this long-term nuclear waste repository would be safe and environmentally sound.