June 11, 2013 | ICYMI
Ohio Department of Insurance Announcement that Premiums Set to Increase 88% Echoes Findings of Committee Rate Shock Report
June 6, 2013 | ICYMI
Testifying Tuesday before the House Education and the Workforce Committee, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius revealed that she made more calls on behalf of Enroll America than HHS officials had originally acknowledged. Despite the administration’s public proclamations on behalf of transparency, HHS has been slow to fully acknowledge the extent of Sebelius’ solicitations.
June 4, 2013 | ICYMI
In recent weeks, the Energy and Commerce Committee has explored the looming rate shock that will hit when the president’s health care law takes full effect. Despite widespread evidence that significant price spikes are expected, Covered California recently announced insurance premium rates would remain steady in the golden state, if not decrease in 2014.
June 3, 2013 | ICYMI
  Protecting American families from counterfeit pharmaceuticals By Rep. Bob Latta June 3, 2013