November 19, 2014 | Letter
American Chemistry Council  American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers 
November 19, 2014 | Letter
21st Century Fox ABC / Disney American Cable Association
November 18, 2014 | Letter
Excerpt: It is estimated that every year roughly 50,000 children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) graduate from high school and age out of their school-based support system. They are entering into adulthood and a society that may not be prepared to meet their personal and employment needs and that ultimlately limits their productivity and self-sufficiency.
November 13, 2014 | Letter
Excerpt: As the deadline approaches for EPA to propose this new rule, we write to request that the agency provide, in the information it supplies the public concerning this proposal, the significant and as yet unrealized costs of meeting the existing eight-hour 75 parts per billion (ppb) ozone standard, which was finalized in 2008.
November 12, 2014 | Letter
Excerpt: Recent proposals have suggested that the FCC can use its authority under Title II of the Communications Act to create legally enforceable rules to regulate Internet access. We believe this is beyond the scope of the FCC’s authority and would defy the plain reading of the statute. To read the letter, click here.
October 30, 2014 | Letter
Excerpt: The Federal Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA) requires that each federal agency designate a "senior agency information security officer" whose primary responsibilities are the "development and maintenance of information security policies, procedures and control techniques." Commonly known as Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), these officials oversee the security of their agency's data, networks, and information, including those provided and maintained by agency contra