May 15, 2013 | Letter
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May 13, 2013 | Letter
Exceprt: Since the week of February 18, 2013, through the last available listing in April 2013, the FDA's Public Calendar has listed Dr. Brenner-Gati as the Acting Deputy Commissioner for Medical Products and Tobacco with no significant meetings. However, the FDA posted on its website the FDA organizational chart approved and signed on March 4, 2013, by the FDA Reorganization Coordinator listing the position of Deputy Commissioner for Medical Products as vacant. 
May 13, 2013 | Letter
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May 9, 2013 | Letter
Exceprt: The award —at $100.6 million, one of the largest broadband grants under the ARRA — has been a source of controversy. The grant to EAGLE-Net Alliance, originally made to the Colorado Centennial Board of Cooperative Educational Services and subsequently transferred to EAGLE-Net, has been criticized for overbuilding existing infrastructure rather than delivering service to unserved communities. 
May 9, 2013 | Letter
Excerpt: We continue to have questions about how CPPW funds have been spent by HHS. The Committee supports initiatives designed to improve health outcomes and reduce chronic diseases. However, the emphasis placed in CPPW grants on state and local public policy outcomes raises questions about whether they would be better and more legitimately spent on priorities that actually improve public health.
May 8, 2013 | Letter
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