September 18, 2012 | Letter
National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians
September 13, 2012 | Letter
American Commitment American Conservative Union
August 23, 2012 | Letter
To read EPA's response to the committee, click here. To read the commiittee's initial letter to EPA, click here.
August 20, 2012 | Letter
Excerpt: The intent of this letter is to follow up on requests made to HHS earlier this year and on requests made more recently by governors and state Medicaid directors in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision – all of which have gone unanswered.  The regulatory uncertainty has crippled states and health providers in their ability to plan for future Medicaid expansions or state insurance exchanges.
August 13, 2012 | Letter
Excerpt: "In addition to the serious legal and compliance issues ultimately raised about the CPPW program, we have serious concerns about the integrity and effectiveness of spending in the program. The committee supports the need for preventive initiatives designed to improve health outcomes and reduce chronic disease.
August 10, 2012 | Letter
Excerpt: “In its March 30, 2012 response to the Committee, Treasury asserted that ‘job creation is not a factor in the consideration process’ for applicants under the Section 1603 program and that Treasury ‘does not report on the number of jobs created by the program’ including, presumably, for the Thompson River Power LLC and Thermo No. 1 BE-01, LLC plants.