December 10, 2013 | Letter
Excerpt: Given the widespread calls for the commission to respect the First Amendment and stay out of the editorial decisions of reporters and broadcasters, we were shocked to see that the FCC is putting itself back in the business of attempting to control the political speech of journalists. It is wrong, it is unconstitutional, and we urge you to put a stop to this most recent attempt to engage the FCC as the "news police."
December 10, 2013 | Blog Post
Answers Were Scarce During Sebelius’ October 30 Appearance – Subcommittee Wants to Hear #WhatsNext TOMORROW
December 10, 2013 | Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – House Energy and Commerce Committee leaders yesterday sent letters to the Medicaid Directors in all 50 states and the District of Columbia regarding the status of their Medicaid programs and their current ability to care for their most vulnerable populations. The health care law’s expansion of the Medicaid program will add as many as 26 million Americans to the program, adding further strain to the program.
December 9, 2013 | Letter
Excerpt: As scarce resources become even further divided, the most vulnerable Americans could face a significant delay in accessing key services and treatments To read the letter, click here.
December 9, 2013 | Press Release
Leaders Also Request Government Watchdog Examine Effectiveness of Key Cyber Security Controls Utilized By Top HHS Agencies
December 9, 2013 | Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Communications and Technology Subcommittee Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR) today announced that members of the subcommittee have reached bipartisan agreements on both the FCC Process Reform Act and the Federal Spectrum Incentive Act, Both pieces of legislation are set to be considered at this week’s full committee