September 20, 2012 | Press Release
This week, the House of Representatives will continue its fight for jobs and American energy by passing H.R. 3409, the Stop the War on Coal Act. This legislative package is comprised of a series of bills aimed to stop the Obama administration’s regulatory assault on one of the nation’s most important sources of energy.
September 19, 2012 | Letter
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network
September 19, 2012 | Letter
American Association for Clinical Chemistry American Clinical Laboratory Association
September 18, 2012 | Letter
National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians
September 18, 2012 | Blog Post
WASHINGTON, DC – The news today that Alpha Natural Resources will be scaling back its coal production and eliminating 1,200 jobs is yet another reminder of the destructive consequences of the Obama administration’s war on coal.
September 18, 2012 | ICYMI
This week’s Human Events provides an unsettling look into the harsh realities of the Obama administration’s war on coal. Families in the heart of Appalachia are suffering the brunt of EPA’s aggressive regulatory agenda as thousands of workers in this part of the country have recently lost their jobs as a result of EPA’s antagonistic new policies.