E&C Republicans Commend Passing of H.R. 21 in the House

House Energy and Commerce Committee Republicans advocated for strengthening the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) last week on the House Floor and successfully passed H.R. 21, the Strategic Production Response Act, out of the House Friday by a bipartisan vote of 221-205. 

H.R. 21 would prevent the SPR from being abused by the President through politically motivated, “non-emergency” sales, which will strengthen America’s energy security and ensure this strategic asset is available during true supply emergencies.

Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) and other committee members applauded bipartisan passage of H.R. 21 on Friday. 

“President Biden has turned a longtime bipartisan strategic asset, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, into a political tool to cover up the consequences of his expensive rush-to-green agenda,” Chair Rodgers said. “H.R. 21 provides a path towards making energy more affordable and reliable for Americans by preserving the SPR’s vital and central purpose—to provide the oil supplies Americans need during true emergencies, not drain them away for non-emergency, political purposes. I am honored to join my Republican colleagues in passing this important bill to strengthen American energy security and leadership.”  

“The Biden administration abused the Strategic Petroleum Reserve as a political ploy in an attempt to hide the damage of its failed energy polices. The SPR was drained to a near 40 year low, leaving us vulnerable in the event of an emergency,” Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) said. “The Strategic Production Response Act will rein in the abuse of our reserves and set us on a path to empower energy producing states like North Dakota to provide reliable and needed energy,” said Congressman Armstrong. 

“The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is intended for emergency use only. Evidently, the president’s idea of ‘strategy’ means using the SPR to evade the consequences of his own disastrous policies. This White House has issued no plan to restock the millions of barrels they have drained from our reserves, leaving the United States extremely vulnerable in the event of an actual emergency such as a natural disaster,” Rep. Rick Allen (R-GA) said. “American families are currently struggling through the worst energy crisis in decades. Instead of playing politics with the SPR, President Biden must flip the switch on domestic production and unleash American energy dominance. The Strategic Production Act will go a long way toward replenishing the fuel which this president has so thoughtlessly withdrawn, putting our national security at risk.” 

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Energy and Commerce Republican members joined Chair Rodgers on the House Floor to urge members to support H.R. 21 and end President Biden’s politicization of the SPR.  

Check out these highlights from Energy and Commerce Republicans: 

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