Chair Rodgers Announces Full Committee Markup of 44 Pieces of Legislation

Washington, D.C. — House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) today announced a Full Committee markup to consider 44 pieces of legislation. 

“Since the start of this Congress, the Energy and Commerce Committee has played a pivotal role in passing solutions to unleash affordable, reliable American energy, lower health care costs, improve consumer protections, and strengthen our national security by cutting China out of our supply chains. Next week, we will build on this work. I commend all our members for their leadership on solutions that further improve people’s lives and secure America’s global competitive edge.” 

WHAT: A Full Committee markup of 44 pieces of legislation. 

DATE: Tuesday, December 5, 2023, and subsequent days as necessary   

TIME: 2:00 PM ET   

LOCATION: 2123 Rayburn House Office Building   

This notice is at the direction of the Chair. The markup will be open to the public and press and will be live streamed online at If you have any questions concerning the bills being marked up, please contact Jessica Herron with the Subcommittee staff at For press related questions, please contact Sean Kelly at

The legislation to be considered includes: 

  • H.R. 5677, 5G Spectrum Authority Licensing Enforcement (5G SALE) Act (Rep. Joyce) 
  • H.R. 6544, Atomic Energy Advancement Act (Reps. Duncan and DeGette) 
  • H.R. 5718, Nuclear Fuel Security Act of 2023 (Reps. Latta, Clyburn, Balderson, and Kuster) 
  • H.R. 4167, Protecting America’s Distribution Transformer Supply Chain Act (Rep. Hudson) 
  • H.R. 6192, Hands Off Our Home Appliances Act (Rep. Lesko) 
  • H.R. 6185, Guaranteeing Reliable Infrastructure Development Act (Rep. Duncan) 
  • H.R. 6421, Affordable HOMES Act (Rep. Bucshon) 
  • H.R. 4045, Hydropower Clean Energy Future Act (Rep. Rodgers) 
  • H.R. ___, Promoting Resilient Supply Chains Act (Reps. Bucshon and Blunt Rochester) 
  • H.R. ___, Deploying American Blockchains Act (Reps. Bucshon and Blunt Rochester) 
  • H.R. 5390, Critical Infrastructure Manufacturing Feasibility Act (Reps. Miller-Meeks, Bucshon, Johnson, Kuster, Schrier, and Spanberger) 
  • H.R. 5398, Advancing Tech Startups Act (Reps. Johnson and Phillips) 
  • H.R. 5146, Advancing Gig Economy Act (Reps. Joyce and Pence) 
  • H.R. 3950, Transparency In Charges for Key Events Ticketing (TICKET) Act (Reps. Bilirakis and Schakowsky) 
  • H.R. ___, Speculative Ticketing Oversight and Prohibition Act or the STOP Act of 2023 (Reps. Armstrong, Bilirakis, and Schakowsky) 
  • H.R. 6543, No Hidden Fees on Extra Expenses for Stays Act (Rep. Kim) 
  • H.R. 6125, Online Dating Safety Act of 2023 (Reps. Valadao and Pettersen) 
  • H.R. 5202, Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Reauthorization Act, as amended (Reps. Wasserman Schultz, Burgess, Carter, Allred, Castor, Williams, Garcia, Flood, Ross, Bacon, and Gottheimer) 
  • H.R. 2964, Wastewater Infrastructure Pollution Prevention and Environmental Safety (WIPPES) Act (Reps. McClain and Peltola) 
  • H.R. 1797, Setting Consumer Standards for Lithium-Ion Batteries Act, as amended (Reps. Torres, Garbarino, Clarke, Ryan, Bowman, D'Esposito, Espaillat, and Goldman) 
  • H.R. 6132, Awning Safety Act of 2023 (Reps. Balderson and Castor) 
  • H.R. 4310, Youth Poisoning Protection Act (Reps. Trahan, Carey, Porter, and Stewart) 
  • H.R. 4814, Consumer Safety Technology Act (Reps. Soto, Burgess, Trahan, and Guthrie) 
  • H.R. 2365, National Plan to End Parkinson’s Act (Reps. Bilirakis and Tonko) 
  • H.R. 5372, Expanding Seniors’ Access to Lower Cost Medicines Act of 2023 (Reps. Joyce and Peters)  
  • H.R. 2880, Protecting Patients Against PBM Abuses Act (Reps. Carter and Blunt Rochester)  
  • H.R. 5393, To amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to ensure fair assessment of pharmacy performance and quality under Medicare part D, and for other purposes (Reps. Griffith and Carter)  
  • H.R. 5385, Medicare PBM Accountability Act (Reps. Landsman and Harshbarger) 
  • H.R. 5386, Cutting Copays Act (Reps. McGarvey and Bilirakis)  
  • H.R. 4881, To amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to limit cost sharing for drugs under the Medicare program. (Reps. Malliotakis and Wenstrup) 
  • H.R. 5389, National Coverage Determination Transparency Act, as amended (Reps. Guthrie and Kelly)  
  • H.R. 133, Mandating Exclusive Review of Individual Treatments (MERIT) Act, as amended (Reps. Buchanan and Barragan) 
  • H.R. 5396, Coverage Determination Clarity Act of 2023 (Rep. Bucshon)  
  • H.R. 5371, Choices for Increased Mobility Act of 2023 (Reps. Joyce and Phillips) 
  • H.R. 5388, Supporting Innovation for Seniors Act (Reps. Balderson and Buchanan) 
  • H.R. 5380, To amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to increase data transparency for supplemental benefits under Medicare Advantage (Rep. Sarbanes) 
  • H.R. 3842, Expanding Access to Diabetes Self-Management Training Act of 2023, as amended (Reps. Schrier, Bilirakis, and Bucshon) 
  • H.R. 5397, Joe Fiandra Access to Home Infusion Act of 2023, as amended (Reps. Fitzpatrick, Dunn and Soto) 
  • H.R. 6366, To amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act with respect to the work geographic index for physician payments under the Medicare program and to revise the phase-in of clinical laboratory test payment changes under such program (Rep. Hudson) 
  • H.R. 6369, To amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to extend incentive payments for participation in eligible alternative payment models (Reps. Schrier and Dunn) 
  • H.R. 5555, DMEPOS Relief Act of 2023 (Reps. Miller-Meeks and Tonko) 
  • H.R. 6545, Physician Fee Schedule Update and Improvements Act (Reps. Miller-Meeks, Schrier, Bucshon, Kelly) 
  • H.R. 6364, Medicare Telehealth Privacy Act of 2023 (Reps. Balderson, Dunn, Schweikert, and Carey) 
  • H.R. 1352, Increasing Access to Biosimilars Act of 2023 (Rep. Hudson)