Chair Rodgers: “People Should Trust Their Data is Being Protected.”

Washington, D.C. — House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) delivered opening remarks at today’s Innovation, Data, and Commerce Subcommittee hearing titled “Promoting U.S. Innovation and Individual Liberty through a National Standard for Data Privacy.”

Excerpts and highlights below:


“This subcommittee’s first hearing this year focused on data privacy and security to ensure America’s global competitive edge against China.

“Today’s second hearing in our series will consider what a strong national data privacy standard will mean in our everyday lives to rein in Big Tech, protect kids online, and put people in charge of their data.

“These discussions build on the bipartisan, bicameral American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA), which we moved through the committee last year with a vote of 53-2.

“That was the first time this committee reached such a milestone, and no other committee has come close on a national privacy and data security standard with the bipartisan support necessary to clear the House and make the Senate take notice.”


“This is a new Congress, with new considerations, so we must continue to improve on the legislation from last Congress and build consensus amongst stakeholders.

“Bringing together experience in business, civil society, and government, is the three-legged stool that will support our efforts in developing bipartisan comprehensive privacy and data security legislation.

“We must continue our work so that individuals can exercise their rights, businesses can continue to innovate, and the government’s role is clearly defined.

“Today turns that conversation inward so we are preserving the engine of innovation while ensuring that we aren’t just dollar signs for data brokers and Big Tech.

“They are harvesting people’s data, selling or sharing it without their knowledge, and not keeping it secure.

“We need a national data privacy standard that changes the status quo regarding people’s data.

“Right now, there are no robust protections.

“Americans have no say over whether and where their personal data is sold and shared, they have no guaranteed way to access, delete, or correct their data, and they have no ability to stop the unchecked collection of their sensitive personal information.

“This isn’t acceptable. Data brokers and Big Tech’s days of operating in the dark should be over.

“People should trust their data is being protected.”


“We are at an inflection point to ensure our personal information is responsibly collected so artificial intelligence is developed with our values.

“We need to ensure that the metaverse doesn’t become the next frontier of exploitation for our kids.

“That requires a broad comprehensive bill that will address all Americans’ data and puts even stronger guardrails around our kids.

“That’s why the ADPPA included the strongest internet protections for children of any legislation last Congress. 

“And its protections did not stop with kids.

“ADPPA gave everyone data protections—no matter where they live and no matter their age.

“We will continue to build on ADPPA this Congress and get these strong protections for kids and all Americans signed into law.

“Thank you, Ranking Member Pallone and my colleagues across the aisle, for continuing to work with us.

“We share the goal for strong bipartisan consensus like we had last year on ADPPA.

“I look forward to today’s hearing and for our privacy series to continue on March 23rd when Tik Tok’s CEO is before the Committee.”