District Update: E&C Republicans are Leading to Restore America’s Energy Dominance

House Republicans are fulfilling our Commitment to America to address the most pressing issues facing our nation. This month, Energy and Commerce Committee Republicans are back home in their districts talking about Republican solutions to lower the cost of living, improve people’s quality of life, boost our energy security, create jobs, cut China out of our supply chains, and reduce emissions. Check out these updates:

Rep. August Pfluger (R-TX), Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX), and Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX) participated in the West Texas Legislative Summit to discuss how, to win the future, America must lead in energy production and innovation.

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Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Chair Morgan Griffith (R-VA) hosted a roundtable discussion with America’s Coal Association. Unlike the Biden administration’s radical rush-to-green energy agenda that threatens our energy security and makes us more reliant on China, House Republicans are leading on an all-of-the-above energy approach to restore American energy dominance. For example, Energy and Commerce Republicans are pushing back on harmful EPA regulatory proposals, like the Clean Power Plan 2.0, which threatens the reliability of our grid.Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 1.01.27 PM.png

Rep. Bill Johnson (R-OH) met with Orion Engineered Carbons to talk about their innovative, specialty chemicals that are used for lithium-ion batteries. Right now, China produces around 75 percent of all lithium-ion batteries and is dominating the electric vehicles market. E&C Republicans are leading on solutions to ensure America—not China—is in the driver’s seat of our automotive future.

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Rep. Rick Allen (R-GA) spent time with the Jefferson Energy Cooperative to talk about the need for affordable, reliable energy, which is foundational for a strong economy. When the price of energy goes up, everything else costs more. H.R 1 is projected to lower energy bills by $795 per year for American families.

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Rep. Troy Balderson (R-OH) visited the Guernsey Power Station, a critical natural gas-fired energy facility, to learn how their operations are helping deliver clean, reliable, and affordable energy to millions of Americans. Republicans are leading to stop President Biden’s war on natural gas, including by repealing his natural gas tax and de facto ban on natural gas cooking appliances.

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Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) joined J&J Gas Service, a local and family-owned business, to hear about the challenges they are facing as a result of President Biden’s war on American energy production. Under the Biden administration, gas prices have increased nearly 62% and natural gas prices are up more than 40%.

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Energy Subcommittee Chair Jeff Duncan (R-SC) wrote an op-ed in The Washington Times about the future of clean, reliable, and affordable nuclear power. E&C Republicans are leading solutions for efficient, predictable licensing and deployment which will allow for the expansion of nuclear energy. 

Don’t miss: Chair Rodgers is leading on H.R. 1042, the Prohibiting Russian Uranium Imports Act, to ban fuel imports from Russia and send a strong signal to the market that will help restore American nuclear leadership.

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Rep. John Joyce (R-PA) met with a local car dealership to talk about H.R. 1435, the Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act, a bill he is leading to prevent the Biden administration from banning the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles.

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Rep. Russ Fulcher (R-ID) had similar conversations with the Idaho Automobile Dealers Association about preserving people’s freedom to buy reliable, affordable vehicles. Unlike the Biden administration, Republicans are leading on solutions to increase—not limit—people's choices and access to vehicles. Click here to watch our June 22, 2023, Environment Subcommittee hearing with the EPA on the impacts of Biden’s rush-to-green agenda on transportation affordability.

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Communications and Technology Subcommittee Chair Bob Latta (R-OH) wrote an op-ed for The Washington Times highlighting why, instead of regulating the choice out of Americans’ lives, we should trust that Americans will make the best choices for themselves. As Rep. Latta said, “with the average cost at $64,000, most American families cannot afford to make the quick transition to an electric vehicle.” 

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