President Biden is Handing our Energy Security to China

President Biden and the Left’s rush-to-green agenda is making America dangerously reliant on China’s supply chains that use slave and child labor. 

These are the facts: 

  • China’s overall share of the energy minerals processing surpasses OPEC’s share of oil markets in many key areas—from 40% to 100% of key materials and processing.  
  • The Department of Energy itself has noted, that China’s control of key materials in renewable energy is quote “across the board.” That includes, 80% of rare earths production and refining that are key to direct drives in wind turbines. 60% of lithium refining needed for electric vehicles and battery storage. 100%of processing for the graphite in battery anodes. 
  • As reported by the WSJ, “About half the world’s supply of polysilicon, an essential ingredient in most solar panels, comes from this part of northwestern China, where human-rights groups and U.S. officials say China runs a sprawling network of internment camps that the U.S. says have held more than 1 million Uyghurs, a Muslim minority group." 

As Katie Sweeney, with the National Mining Association (NMA), told the Energy and Commerce Committee in February: 

“With over $6 trillion worth of mineral resources in the United States, a highly trained and highly compensated workforce, and world-class environmental and safety standards, the U.S. mining industry is essential to helping the nation meet ever-increasing demand for minerals for electrification, infrastructure, and manufacturing needs.” 

To improve supply chain security, we must also have a robust domestic mineral supply chain. That includes more smelting, processing, and refining capabilities in the U.S. necessary to claw back the essential processes from geopolitical adversaries like China, which controls more than 80 percent of global rare earth mineral production, nearly 90 percent of global mineral processing capabilities as well as the market prices for rare earth elements at each step of the process.” 

That is why Energy and Commerce Republicans are leading to secure our energy supply chains, bring refining and processing home, and cut our reliance on China.