September 25, 2014 | Blog Post
There is more bad news for New England households and businesses as electricity supplier National Grid warns its customers that they can expect to see significantly higher power bills this winter. The company is urging consumers to conserve energy to prepare for the cold temperatures and high rates up ahead.
September 18, 2014 | Blog Post
5 Years + 1 = 2014 Updated Edition
September 17, 2014 | Blog Post
House Vote Tomorrow Will Give Senate Leader Reid Another Chance to Say #Yes2Energy
September 9, 2014 | Blog Post
Follow @ECcures for Updates and Join the Conversation Using the Twitter Guide and #Path2Cures for Wednesday’s 21st Century Cures Roundtable  
September 5, 2014 | Blog Post
Cassidy: “As a doctor, I understand that we must have thoughtful solutions to protect American workers from the damage caused by the president’s broken promises.”