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ICYMI: Walden, Upton, and Blackburn Highlight Committee’s Work on 21st Century Infrastructure


From safe drinking water and energy infrastructure to rural internet access, the Energy and Commerce Committee has hit-the-ground running in the 115th Congress when it comes to modernizing the nation’s infrastructure. As part of the Washington Times’ Infrastructure 2017 special edition, full committee Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR), Energy Subcommittee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI), and Communications and Technology Subcommittee Chairman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) highlighted some of the committee’s work this Congress.

Didn’t catch their op-eds? Check out Chairman Walden’s “An infrastructure priority: Ensuring safe drinking water,” Chairman Upton’s “Energy infrastructure and a pro-domestic energy agenda,” and Chairman Blackburn’s “Broadening our broadband” below.

For more information on the committee’s work this Congress on energy infrastructure, including Brownfields Reauthorization, and our work on hydropower legislation, click HERE.

Walden: An infrastructure priority: Ensuring safe drinking water
September 13, 2017

When we hear the word “infrastructure,” our minds often tend to think of highways, roads and bridges. While that’s an important part of our nation’s infrastructure, an often-overlooked component is our drinking water delivery systems. Just as roads and bridges create stable communities and economies, so does safe, clean drinking water.

Drinking water is delivered to our homes, businesses and schools via one million miles of pipes, by both privately and publicly owned water systems. More than 51,000 community water systems scattered across the country treat 42 billion gallons of water that are used by Americans daily. Many of these pipes were laid in the early to mid-20th century with an estimated lifetime of 75 years to 100 years. In fact, some communities back in my home state of Oregon still rely on wood stave pipes.

Click here to read Walden’s full op-ed.

Upton: Energy infrastructure and a pro-domestic energy agenda
September 13, 2017

Modernizing the nation’s energy infrastructure has been a focal point of the Energy and Commerce Committee in the 115th Congress. Americans deserve safe, secure and efficient energy that meets the needs of the 21st century economy.

For too long, the promises of modernized energy infrastructure were held back by a Washington-centric regulatory and environmental agenda. We’ve taken steps here at the committee to address these issues and have been working on implementing a forward-thinking, pro-domestic energy agenda that improves our energy infrastructure while creating jobs and putting consumers first.

In the Energy Subcommittee, where I serve as Chairman, we heard from a variety of stakeholders in both the public and private sector in a series of hearings focused on identifying problems with modernizing the nation’s energy infrastructure while also focusing on solutions.

Click here to read Upton’s full op-ed.

Blackburn: Broadening our broadband
September 13, 2017

Every day in cities across the nation people are having groceries delivered to their front doors after they have ordered online or through an app on their phone. Others are logging on each night to connect with friends, get an education or catch up with the news of the day. But in rural America, the picture is not the same. This difference has been dubbed the “digital divide.”

While shopping, going to school and reading the news online may seem like ordinary tasks to many of you, imagine if you had to physically go to the store, sit for hours in class or wait for a regularly scheduled news program. Now imagine if you lived 15 miles from your nearest neighbor and had to do that. This is the reality for millions of Americans living in rural areas because they do not have access to broadband internet. Not limited access no access.

Click here to read Blackburn’s full op-ed. 

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